A GIVING REBELLION: Women's Agricultural Collective in Bidi Bidi

A GIVING REBELLION: Women's Agricultural Collective in Bidi Bidi

What if instead of getting on black friday we all decided to form a rebellion and GIVE?

Many of us have just enjoyed a day of incredible abundance of food, love and blessings.

What if we took our warm, full bellies and hearts and turned around to share that love with others today instead of fighting for new tvs and the latest deal? In this way we could fill our hearts even more. The only fullness that lasts.

This is Rose. Rose is a South Sudanese refugee living in Bidi Bidi - one of the newest and largest camps in the world, in Northern Uganda.

Rose is one of those souls who gives no matter how much she has lost. In the face of unbearable pain and suffering, she turns to see what she can do for others. She noticed that many of the residents of her section of the camp were vulnerable women and children, hungry, sick and alone. She banded them together to form a women's collective and started taking over plots of land to grow vegetables for the community to share.

To feel her broad bright smile upon your heart is one of the gifts of life. To hear the resilient song of these women as hope returns to them speck by speck even amidst continued desperation is to rekindle the faith in all of our hearts.

When we met them, we were immediately committed to helping further their compassionate community cause. We bought what tools we could, seeds, and boots for the rain, though they need much more.

Looking to really leverage your donations, we decided to build them a small store so that they can sell their vegetables and basic necessities that are urgently needed, like soap, to other refugees at extremely discounted rates compared to what they can get when they travel to the closest town (often an impossibility in itself due to injury or illness). The store will be small and solar powered (we already purchased the panel), with lockable doors and windows, and a roof designed for rain catchment.

They are beginning building - but need many more tools for gardening and to buy starter supplies to furnish the store.

In this holiday spirit of feeding each other -- in body, mind and heart -- if you feel called we would be so delighted for you to make a HUGE difference for these women and children that have been through so much with a donation of any size.

It's hard to keep asking - but when you see their faces, you will see why we do. All donations received today will go directly to this cause. We will keep updating you with photos.

THANK YOU on THANKSGIVING for your incredible hearts, wise minds, joyful smiles, and the greatest gift of all - sharing.

<3 So much love. We are all #refugees on this spinning planet of life.


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