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Program Description

The Hopi (peaceful ones) have the longest authenticated history of occupation of a single area by any population in the United States. We are collaborating with the elders to build a sustainable community that will provide for the needs of the people, preserve endangered traditional culture and wisdom, and integrate modern regenerative technology. This community will serve as a prototype model for other communities as a way to live in harmony with the Earth.

The sovereign Hopi Nation encompasses over 1.5 million acres, and is made up of 12 villages on three mesas. The ancient traditional mother village of Shungopavi has a population of approximately 2,000 people. It is here that this project will  begin and assist in preserving and honoring endangered cultural wisdom and ancient ways of living, while implementing sustainable and innovative technology to meet modern day needs.

We are grateful to co-create with the Hopi Nation and learn from their unique wisdom, co-creating global harmony with each other and the earth that we so desperately need today.


The next step in our collaboration is the building of a sustainable elementary school and Elder center that will provide a space to bring together the generations to preserve the Hopi language, cultural arts and traditions, including weaving, food harvesting and preparation, traditional food education, nutrition and the serving, storage  and quality of sustainable food sources. The building will integrate traditional building styles with sustainable technology and provide a space where the elders can come and assist in teaching traditional cultural education, enriching the cultural knowledge of the children with their guidance. The multi-purpose center, the first of the sustainable village, will provide a safe place for young children and elders to spend time together immersed in the Hopi language and preserving cultural traditions while also learning for the future. The building will be a merging of ancient traditional building and modern sustainable technology. It will be the first step in returning the village to entirely sustainable and self -sufficient with regenerative design, by teaching and engaging the youth in how to build in the old way so that the knowledge is not lost, while also engaging the community and youth in new sustainable innovations.

The Elder center will provide a central place for elders to gather together, socialize and find renewed purpose assisting the village children and relieving issues of isolation, under serviced care and financial and emotional stressors to families and caregivers.

Words from our Indigenous Collaborators

The children's school and elder's building will be built with natural, local and traditional materials, incorporating new sources of sustainability” (Kit).  Building will be done within and by the community and with the children involved in the building processes ….. “to give them ancient cultural and new innovative knowledge while providing them the opportunity to experience an honoring of their ancestors, their present people and the generations yet to come.  The experience and results will be the fulfillment of their own abilities - a labor of love combined with the hearts and efforts of all who are sharing in this project.

They will access new skills and knowledge in a shared pride encompassing a much larger synergistic effort.’….True, positive values will be realized in the midst of the children's' significantly challenged, current cultural realities affecting all where they live---the Hopi mother village, Shungopavi, the reed up through the spring - a sovereign nation of ancient people with reverent traditions.

This project aims to assist to usher in a ‘new era of community re-building and recovered brotherhood for Shungopavi, "the mother village" of Hopi nation, helping to ensure success in their critical and endangered charge to keep all life sacred and safe upon our Mother Earth and within the entire cosmos. These people, who have accepted the responsibility for maintaining the balance of this world through their reverence and faithfulness by performing the full ceremonial cycle given to them in ancient times now find their struggles are a mirror to a world increasingly out of balance.  Their cultural survival may be seen as crucial to the survival of all life on our planet as the "tipping point" is upon us today’ (Kit).

Facts about the Hopi



Featured partners

Photographer Erika Rand who has generously allowed us to showcase her photographs from ‘Light of the Hopi’(a rare photographic collaboration between Erika and members of the Hopi Nation)  both in our fundraising and on the OLG website to illustrate the beauty and sacredness of the Hopi Nation and culture.


Impact Goals

  • Preserving a peaceful, regenerative community model and wisdom tradition and creating a prototype model for other communities

  • Eliminating dependence on outside aid, environmentally harmful resources, and value-conflicted solutions

  • Food security & land regeneration through sustainable permaculture, reciprocal relationship with animals and stewardship

  • Intergenerational reconnection, providing youth with ongoing opportunities to learn and preserve their language, wisdom and traditions and share those with the world.

  • An all-Hopi language speaking elementary school and Elder center

  • Innovative intergenerational trauma and natural wellness informed healing and education space

...this group effort includes the hearts, thoughts, prayers and gifts of all donors—each and everyone a part of this miraculous circle of giving and receiving.
This project will allow the children to acknowledge all others within the whole and their own, individual, self-worth.
— Kit, Cherokee/Assinaboine partner and friend who introduced us to the Hopi
This project is for you as well as us. We are here to bridge cultures, to become One again with respect and love for all living things in the world. We are sending out prayers for Peace to all people. In our hearts and thoughts we are blessing everyone in coming together as One. We must do away with negativeness and come together with each other, the stars, the land and all Life. Blessings in all directions, and to all people.
— A Hopi Elder we are co-creating with