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This project aims to usher in a new era of community re-building and recovered brotherhood for Soongopavi, "the mother village" of Hopi Nation, Arizona  to ensure success of the sovereign Hopi Nation in their critical and endangered charge to keep all life sacred and safe upon our Mother Earth and within the entire cosmos.

We stand with these people, who have accepted the responsibility for maintaining the balance of this world through their reverence and faithfulness by performing the full ceremonial cycle given to them in ancient times. Their cultural survival may be seen as crucial to the survival of all life on our planet as the "tipping point" is upon us today.

Program Description

One Light Global in partnership with sovereign elders and children of the Hopi Nation and Soöngopavi Village Arizona, are bringing to life a project to preserve traditional wisdom and practices, to restore food security and support cultural, ecological and economic revitalization

The Hopi nation encompasses over 1.5 million acres and is made up of 12 villages on three mesas. The ancient traditional mother village of Soöngopavi (Shungopavi) has a population of approximately 2,000 people. It is here that this project has begun and will assist in preserving and honoring endangered cultural wisdom and ancient ways of living, while implementing sustainable and innovative technology to meet modern day needs.

The project aim is to bring the vision of the children and elders to fruition including:

  • the planning and building of new infrastructure and eco village

  • incorporating natural, new and traditional building methods and design

  • facilitating/ create opportunity for elders to teach and preserve traditions

  • restore traditional agricultural practices and environmental stewardship (traditional dryland farming, seed saving, traditional plant use and cultivation)

  • include appropriate new agriculture practices

  • language preservation

  • ensure continuation of important traditional cultural arts

  • creating cottage industry and entrepreneurship opportunities

  • new regenerative and innovative technology and design

  • restore plant biodiversity

  • restore food sovereignty

  • create community and multi- cultural sharing


The project will assist to strengthen and revitalize sacred Hopi cultural practices for the generations to come through the sharing of traditional indigenous wisdom, practices and community building.  

Through this project, a new future path for the youth that both honors tradition and supports economic independence, resilience and innovation is evolving.


Our first building made possible by the generosity of our donors is a small multipurpose building where the children of Soongopavi can now gather to reconnect with ancient ecological knowledge, to be a part of cultural preservation and revival.

The next steps in our collaboration include the expansion of infrastructure, construction of a traditional building, funding the teaching of traditions from within the Village and the revitalization of farming and food security.


The children will be able to access new skills and knowledge in a shared pride encompassing a much larger synergistic effort. True, positive values will be realized in the midst of the children’s significantly challenged, current cultural realities affecting all where they live---the Hopi mother village, Soongopavi, the reed up through the spring - a sovereign nation of ancient people with reverent traditions.


Impact Goals

  • Preserving a peaceful, regenerative community model and wisdom tradition and creating a prototype model for other communities

  • Eliminating dependence on outside aid, environmentally harmful resources, and value-conflicted solutions

  • Food security and land regeneration through combining ecological wisdom with modern permaculture practices, reciprocal relationship with animals and stewardship

  • Intergenerational reconnection, providing youth with ongoing opportunities to learn and preserve their language, wisdom and traditions and share those with the world.

  • Ongoing commitment to successful outcomes through collaboration, partnerships and community building


  • Raising of  over $10,000 in initial stages of program through fundraising to provide a multipurpose safe space for the children of Shungopavi.

  • Provide materials and space for the teaching of belt weaving and other traditional practices.

  • Successful seed grant application courtesy of Native Seed Search for village food provision and children’s stewardship of seed grant project outcomes including reporting and seed saving.


Title: Migration of the Butterfly Maiden

Artist: Francis Quotskuyva


Interested in Sharing the Light?

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Featured partners

Photographer Erika Rand who has generously allowed us to showcase her photographs from ‘Light of the Hopi’(a rare photographic collaboration between Erika and members of the Hopi Nation)  both in our fundraising and on the OLG website to illustrate the beauty and sacredness of the Hopi Nation and culture.


 Traditional Values and Visions of A Hopi

A Hopi… one who’s lifetime quest is to gain strength and wisdom through prayer, education and experience; to acquire a practical & spiritual understanding of life in general and to acquire the ability to address life’s circumstances and community needs from an eagle’s viewpoint with a caring attitude & humility;


A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Kyavtsi by maintaining the highest degree of respect for and obedience to moral standards & ethics, so as not to knowingly abuse, alter or oppose the progressive order and cycle of nature and the  sacred manifestations of the creator’s teachings;


A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Sumi’nangwa  and will come together to do activities for the benefit of all, out of a compelling desire and commitment to contribute or return something of value or benefit to the society;


A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Nami’nangwa  by helping one another or give aid in times of need, without having to be asked to do so and without expecting compensation for the deed;


A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Hita’nangwa by having the initiative to take care of something without having to be instructed, asked or reminded regardless if anyone will notice your effort but that it will make a difference;


A Hopi….is one who places the society’s and/or community’s interests and benefits ahead of individual and personal interests and gains;


A one who understands that to realize a dream, one must not only pray for his or her desires, but must make a sincere commitment and work diligently to pursue the dream or goal until it is achieved;


A Hopi….is one who understands that the creator has provided all the necessary resources needed by all living beings to co-exist here, including the means by which the human race can achieve a happy, healthy and self-sustaining life; 


A Hopi….is one who understands that the greatest feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment is one’s participation in social and community functions or activities and knowing that your contributions have resulted in benefits to the community and people.


Qöyahongniwa, Songoopavi 1995

This project is for you as well as us. We are here to bridge cultures, to become One again with respect and love for all living things in the world. We are sending out prayers for Peace to all people. In our hearts and thoughts we are blessing everyone in coming together as One. We must do away with negativeness and come together with each other, the stars, the land and all Life. Blessings in all directions, and to all people.
— A Hopi Elder we are co-creating with