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Puerto Rico

Program Description

Thousands of people have lost everything in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Entire houses and roofs are missing. Fresh water and food have become scare commodities. One hundred thousand people have left the island for good since the hurricane and moved to the mainland USA and the number continues to grow. 

At this point most of the island doesn't have power or running water despite what the news says.

Our team has handed out solar lights and water filters to people all through Puerto Rico, especially around the mountain of Utuado where the eye of the storm hit for 16 hours. Our team hands out blue tarps as emergency roof replacement and adhoc shelter before FEMA comes to do their work. In the poorer regions we hand out fresh food to those who don't have food. 

We are also working to train a team of local people to respond to the ongoing work of rebuilding Puerto Rico. This is only the begining. 



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Our Impact

2017 - Delivering food, tarps, solar lights, water filters, and providing general aid to those affected by Hurricane Maria

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