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March 15, 2019 - “In Uganda, a unique urban experiment is under way“

One Light Global's Women's Center and Agricultural Project in Bidi Bidi, featured in National Geographic with partner Rose


Zoe Wild shared her experiences and vision for One Light Global on the Sedona TEDx stage on October 14, 2017.


"It is a bone-chilling dark December night in 2015. The beaches of Lesvos, Greece are strewn with tens of thousands of worthless, bright orange ``life`` jackets - just another scam foisted upon refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn countries..."



"499,226. That’s how many refugees washed up on the shores of Lesbos, Greece in 2015, fleeing war, poverty, and hopelessness. It’s a number—and conflict—that’s hard to wrap your mind around. But for Zoe Wild, it wasn’t about wrapping her mind around anything; it all came down to her heart. "


Zoë Wild learned to meditate in the East, in Burma, where she was a Buddhist nun and lived in a monastery for nearly two years. When she gave up being a nun and returned to the west she was shocked to see how differently meditation was taught here. Instead of finding the peace and tranquility they were seeking, Zoe found that many people were struggling.


(October 9, 2018) One Light Global announced today that they have graduated from the GlobalGiving Accelerator program, gaining entry into the GlobalGiving marketplace and becoming a recognized partner of GlobalGiving. 


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Zoë Wild is a former Buddhist Nun, an interfaith Minister, Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher. Zoe Wild tell us about her experiences and the meditation practice that not only gave her the impetus to make that life-changing decision to go to Greece but also to found One Light Global, a non-profit organization which is evolving the way in which we approach humanitarian crises around the world.



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