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Our foundational belief

We Are One

Agree? Join the Movement:

Projects: How Your Support Changes Lives

  • Serbia Humanitarian Aid Relief Trip

    Team Light is headed to Serbia to provide food, clothing, and emergency supplies to refugees in freezing conditions in Belgrade. We will also be supporting schools inside camps and providing workshops for refugee women.

    Serbia Humanitarian Aid Relief Trip
  • Integration & Healing

    Helping new families in the US create the foundation for their new lives. Social services, trauma healing,cultural integration workshops, yoga, and meditation.

    Integration & Healing
  • Education

    Sponsor a child’s tuition and change a life – more than 144 of 200 kids already sponsored.

  • One Light Women’s Center

    Empowering women to create a new life by providing language training, economic empowerment tools, community, workshops, and a path out of the darkness for young women, mothers, and widows impacted by war.

    One Light Women’s Center
  • Be The Light Bracelet

    A symbol of global unity and beauty, created by refugee women – stand in solidarity with our human family while providing income for widows and mothers.

    Be The Light Bracelet
  • Emergency Relief: Humanitarian Aid in the USA and Abroad

    We provide on site survival supplies – food, water, clothing, blankets, shelter, and medicine to people in Europe and the Middle East who are fleeing war.

    Emergency Relief: Humanitarian Aid in the USA and Abroad

Did you know?


A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

1 in 113

There are over 65 million refugees globally – that is one out of every 113 people on Earth. Over 50% of refugees are under 18 years old.

17 years

The average time spent in a refugee camp is 17 years. Some people are born and die without ever escaping life in a camp.


We come from a place of joy and peace and love – not anger and divisiveness. We cannot go out from a place of exhaustion and despair and anger to spread light in the world. We have to come from a place of inspiration, hope and love.

We do not discriminate
when it comes to love.


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Sponsor a Child's Tuition for an Entire Year

For only $250, you can fully fund a child's participation in our Al Noukhba School. Started by a refugee for refugees, this school provides displaced children with a childhood, and enables them to become productive members of any society, perhaps one day becoming the very generation that rebuilds Syria. 100% of your donation goes to tuition.