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While approximately 50,000 refugees made their way to Greece and a better life in the EU, at least 2.5 million remain in Turkey. Few organizations were able or willing to work in this country due to challenging relations with the government.  One Light Global traveled to Istanbul and experienced first hand the horrific conditions of refugees scrambling to survive in this new homeland.  Unable to work, the majority languish in poverty in barely survivable living conditions.  We set to work providing emergency aid to families: hot water heaters so babies could be washed, food and groceries, prosthetic limbs and physical therapy for children injured by bombs and bullets. 

Many children were forced to beg on the street for change to help feed their families.  We sponsored tuition for 200 such children at a refugee run primary school. These children are the future of Syria, education is essential to their ability to rebuild their country when the time comes. 

We also built a women’s center for the mothers to learn entrepreneurial skills and provide a little income.  English and Turkish classes, and trauma healing yoga and meditation classes.  Most have lost their husbands in the war.  

We continue to support the Al Nokhba School and the Women’s Center.


Our Programs

Women's Center:  With so many men injured or killed in war, women have become the primary breadwinners in many refugee families. Unfortunately, these mothers, daughters, and widows don’t know the local language, suffer trauma, isolation, depression, and are barred from practicing former professions in host countries.

Healing and Integration Programs:  In order to create world peace, individuals and cultures must heal from the trauma of war.  It is impossible to create a truly successful new life while carrying profound psycho-emotional distress.  Left unhealed these wounds are passed on, creating intergenerational trauma.  One Light Global hosts and facilitates workshops in the USA and abroad using modern and ancient techniques to help individuals release the pain and suffering they have endured and groups in conflict to find forgiveness, empathy and inspiration to collaborate.

Education: Many have never had the opportunity to attend school due to war in their home country. Finally able to start life again, their families are without resources and they are often forced to work in the streets. An entire generation is growing up traumatized and without education. We see the children as our future. By providing education, we not only change their lives, and improve the society of the host countries they are now living in, we also create a better world for all of us by enabling them to grow into knowledgeable and healed adults who can contribute to the world and rebuild their home nations.




Our Kids At Al Nokhba


200+ students officially sponsored and enrolled!
Support a child to go to school for a year for only $250.
We will send you a photo and the story of the child you are supporting!

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Our Impact

Women's Center:
Language Courses Computer Skills Yoga and Meditation Trauma Healing Arts and Crafts Community Building Entrepreneurship Self-Defense Integration

Healing and Integration Programs:
Trauma Healing
Yoga and Meditation
Art and Music Therapy
Intercultural Peace Workshops

Educational Programs:
200+ Children's Tuition Covered
Educational Programs
Cultural Integration Programs

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Al Nokhba School

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