ISTANBUL - Taking refugee children from sweatshops to school :) by Zoë

Wow! CBS News just highlighted exactly the situation we are seeing and trying to help with in Istanbul!Watch it here:

We arrived on Friday morning and have been working nonstop.  The situation here is dire.

Approximately 3 million refugees have escaped from bombings in Syria into Turkey. Now, they are living in slums...they don't speak the language, they can't get work, they have no hope.

In order to pay rent or buy food, they are forced to send their children to work in sweatshop conditions in factories or on the street, because the factories won't hire the adults.

These children are working 12 hour days, 6 days per week - for very very little money. Barely enough for the family to survive.

Nearly an entire generation is growing up illiterate and without a childhood. What will this mean for their future and the future of Turkey and Syria? What will it mean for the rest of the world when the impact comes to fruition? How can we change it?

Education is fundamental. We are partnering with a school here, and taking kids off the street and putting them in school.

For only $250 we (YOU and One Light Global) can pay for a child's education for a WHOLE year! A child whose family could otherwise not afford to send them to school.

If you would like to sponsor a child, you can do so here. We are also sending 2 shipping containers of school supplies (from England and Spain) to the schools so these kids can have pens and pencils, backpacks, notepads, etc.

If you would like to put together a container from your country -- please let us know! :) They also need textbooks, computers, projectors, etc. And the families need supplies for babies like diapers, bottles, etc.

Yesterday we visited a home of a family here - it is totally heartbreaking, they are living in absolutely heartbreaking conditions. I will post about it as soon as the photos are up, so you can see for yourselves. I will also post about the women's center we are creating to help struggling women and mothers.

We have the opportunity to make a huge difference in many lives here -- we couldn't do this without you. So grateful for every dollar, every share, every way that you show up and add a little light!

Donate! Like us! Thank you for being a light.

Always with Love, Zoe