I don’t know how we ended up finally meeting them all face to face.  I imagine the path has been twisted, irregular, non-linear. We can try and work backwards to figure it out, but the efforts would be futile because I realize that the reason we are here giving handshakes (really cool, awesome ones, like somehow we have a secret shared handshake) and hugs is thanks to something greater than us all. I can only describe it as Connection, with a capital C. The kind we didn’t create, the kind that is always there just waiting for us to notice, to realize... and to surrender to. It is the power of Connection that has somehow brought us face to face. One World, One Family, One Light makes so much sense in this context.

In Connection there is no “other”, it’s not “us and them”.  In Connection one cannot burden the other. There are no apologies, as gratitude takes over and “in service to” becomes an equally mutual task.  

We may have physically flown here but Connection knows no time nor space.  In Connection there’s a comfort in talking about our respective families, in describing the foods we eat, and the sports we watch and play, or how traffic lights and roads are designed back home. It’s why we say sometimes, “I feel like i know you” when in fact we just met.

In Connection there is no guilt, it simply doesn’t compute. There are tears, a shared pain. But never guilt, nor “shoulds” nor obligation. There is only the celebration in realizing each other’s gifts and sharing them in order to do great things.

In Connection there is only abundance. Money is just a tool, but love, light, oneness, innovation, science, and a shared curiosity and wonder become the means. This abundance is limitless when we surrender to Connection, and when we truly mean what we say, without even trying hard, “what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.”

Thank you for saying Yes to Connection with us, in coming along for the ride. We feel your support is something even beyond our shared humanity, something maybe only articulated by the word kinship.  As we work in kinship here with Denish, Zacharia, Etienne, Janet, Rose, Juliet, Liz, Peter, Alex, Josephine, and DY, Ogah, Simon, Conferen, David and so many others here and to come in the next 9 days, your light is woven into our fabric of projects from all corners of the globe.


You can continue to be the light here and here!  #oneworld #onefamily #onelight

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