Give Hope to 300+ South Sudanese Refugee Women

Newborn twins in Rose's community receive clothes.

Newborn twins in Rose's community receive clothes.

Thank you for your generous support of Rose and her community! We are pleased to bring you our first quarterly report detailing our progress with this exciting project.

Over the last few months, our team has primarily been focused on establishing the necessary groundwork to ensure that Rose’s project is successful. We are collaborating with Rose and her collective to draft a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that details business and strategic plans for the vocational training center. We are also working to establish relationships with Uganda’s Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) so we can begin construction of the vocational training center with the government’s support. This is important because the center will be the first building of the larger sustainable community we are currently designing to transform the refugee camp. Securing a solid partnership with the OPM will smooth the way forward to bring this inspiring vision into the real world.

While we work to finalize our mutual agreements with Rose’s collective and the OPM, we’ve been receiving updates from Rose about her community that we’d like to pass on to you. Just a few days ago, a member of her community birthed twins! The collective presented the mother with hand-made clothes for the newborns during a special ceremony with the church leaders. As you can see, life continues in a refugee camp as it does anywhere else in the world.

We can’t wait to break ground on the vocational training center, fill it with embroidery machines and materials, and empower Rose’s community to create a sustainable income for their families.

Thank you again for your support!

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