It all started with...


One Light. The light within Rose that spread to a small community of women, vulnerable women from five separate tribes who had lost husbands and fathers and brothers and fled across the border to escape famine and rape. This light is unmistakable in Rose's smile, in the tears and smiles of the women as they dance and sing again and again to break the cycle of despair trapped in the recent memories, in each stitch of their embroidered milayas, sewn by handjust as they have been taught by their grandmothers and mothers. This Light has been a brick, a solar panel, and then a small building -- a place to gather and sew and dream.  And this Light has been a hand-written business proposal, through Rose's pen to paper to eyes and open hearts of those who could help --


Your light has joined Rose's, and our collective Light has made it possible for over 300 women to be trained in modern machine embroidery techniques so they can start a business and vocational training center to lead to economic freedom. 


We cannot wait to show you how your Light continues to impact Rose and her community.  It already has and we can't thank you enough.  

~The One Light Global Family


From the top, left to right: Rose's Light!, Remembering her journey, A beautiful hand-knitted milaya, The fierce, hopeful embodiment of Rose's women's group, Our first 30x30 meter room for Rose's collective, The women in front of the building, Rose's business plan, Hand-knitting a milaya.


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