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We are working with the Hopi Nation in Arizona to build a Hopi Language Elementary school & Elder Center. This center will provide a safe place for young children and elders to spend time together immersed in the Hopi language and preserving cultural traditions while also learning for the future. The building will be a merging of ancient traditional stone structure from the land and modern sustainable technology such as solar power. It will be the first in returning the village to the old ways while making it entirely sustainable and self-sufficient with regenerative design.

This project is for you as well as us. We are here to bridge cultures, to become One again with respect and love for all living things in the world. We are sending out prayers for Peace to all people. In our hearts and thoughts we are blessing everyone in coming together as One. We must do away with negativeness and come together with each other, the stars, the land and all Life. Blessings in all directions, and to all people.
— A Hopi Elder we are co-creating with

This project will preserve endangered cultural wisdom while implementing sustainable technology to meet modern day needs. When ancient and modern are brought together, regenerative ways of living emerge.


Thank you for being a part of the solution for all of us.
We are One World, One Family, One Light.

~The One Light Family