Crowd-Sourcing Wisdom, Resources & Creativity for the benefit of female refugees and their families...We are so excited to report that the women's center is coming along quickly! We have the contractors working and they should be done in just a few days -- the space looks amazing! Molly Ananda and I hosted our first two yoga therapy workshops for women refugees in two parts of Istanbul. They were absolutely amazing and so fulfilling. We are completely in love with these brave and beautiful sisters. This healing and connection work is so important for all of us globally. We are also working on getting all of the furnishings with the help of a multi-talented and kind hearted local Awakening Women Institute member - Canan Balan! And we have a list to buy for the food & baby supply distribution area, which is so needed in this area for new refugee families. But the big news is: We are ready to start planning how to make the crafts and sewing workshop self-sustainable. The women are excited to make products like scarves, bracelets, designer barrettes, school uniforms, etc... But we need your help! 1. We need funding to get materials for them to get started. Please donate and/or share ideas about how to get these materials or funds donated! 2. They are making some AMAZING products -- and we need to figure out how they can best get them out to the world. Are you or do you know a third party buyer who would be interested in buying any of these items? Bracelet samples are below. Do you have any awesome ideas for marketing / connections / online selling etc. ? HUGE GRATITUDE AGAIN TO Chameli Ardagh & the tribe of Goddesses atAwakening Women Institute for their continued donations to this project - and to everyone else who has donated for these unbelievably strong and loving women! __________________________________________

<3 <3 THE BIG DREAM - GLOBAL VISION <3 <3 __________________________________________ But here's what I am really excited about... I having been meeting so many refugees in desperate conditions, without work or money, and been to so many camps filled with despair and destitution, as well as visiting migrant worker refugees who can't create stable work or school. WHAT IF we could create a sustainable model for income in refugee camps all over the world? What if we could create some sort of easy to distribute packet of materials -- such as beads and string or materials to make greeting cards, and then the camp inhabitants can make the product, then we pick them up and buy them off the women, so they have money for food, medicine, baby formula, blankets, etc... and we sell them online or through a third party, and use the proceeds to pay operating costs and buy more materials to give to other refugees in other camps? If we could make some sort of sustainable industry for the women here, and in camps around the world, they would feel empowered and productive again, able to provide for themselves and their families, be less in need of donations and outside support, and the children could get out of the streets and sweatshops and go to school because the family would have a source of income. Industry is a fundamental piece of human dignity. Besides, these products are GORGEOUS! Would love to hear your thoughts, jump up and down with joy at donations, beside myself with gratitude for connections with third party buyers -- and absolutely in awe if you can help us create this global solution to this pervasive and inhumane situation. REACH OUT!! Infinite Love, Zoë Wild



The women prefer not to have their photos online, so I will share just the photo of the leaders from our sessions.

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