Both the Suffering, and our Efforts Continue By Molly Hock

Well, the suffering I mentioned in my last post continues. Only now, there are no more, “news, Macedonia” questions. The mindset has shifted, as the reality of the situation in Greece sits in. Over 10,000 people continue to wait at the border between Macedonia and Greece. New camps are opening each week, but still not nearly enough to house the 50,000 plus people stuck in the country. The conditions slowly improve as more volunteer groups have reached the crisis. A cultural tent has opened, an information tent, tea tents, a small classroom, and floors have been added to many of the large tents.

Even with all of these efforts, the suffering continues. Where are our world leaders in this effort? I have so many questions that are left with no rational answers…

Refugees on the ground explain it is mostly foreign volunteers helping them. This short video was produced by a friend, and fellow volunteer. The video gives us the opportunity to listen to the refugees speak on their situation at Idomeni (the border camp), and at the Eko Gas Station Camp (where Kyle and I spent 4 weeks camping).

I hope the video gives you a better understanding of the current situation.

Kyle and I are preparing for upcoming return to the area. We have less than three weeks in Arizona, and the to-do lists continue. I am staying busy with the development of One Light Global, staying in contact with my friends stuck in Greece, working to fund our upcoming trip expenses, taking various training to improve my abilities to serve those suffering from trauma, and organizing a fundraiser for May 21st.

We will host an evening event in Tempe in order to raise money and awareness for refugee children in Greece, Turkey, Jordan, and Arizona. We will host light snacks, desserts, musicians, belly dancers, a silent auction, and potentially an art exhibit by the Syrian Children Art Project. We are also honored to have two refugees girls living in Arizona speak at the event.

Please let me know if you are interested in supporting the event. We are still looking for artists to donate pieces for the silent auction, businesses to donate products or gift cards, a catering company [or individual], and additional musicians / performers.

I would be honored to see each of you living in Arizona at our event! Please come support our efforts to offer education to more of the displaced refugee children. I will post more information in the next few days with finalized details.

We will also be offering a presentation on One Light Global, and our past experiences volunteering in Greece in Ramona, California. We will provide desserts and beverages at 6 pm. I will post the flyer for this event later today!

One Light Global is expanding our efforts to serve the refugees here in Arizona. I have been collecting household donations for the newly arriving families, making furniture and meal deliveries, and looking into more ways to serve the local refugees. I will share more about our current projects as the development of our local efforts continues.

My gratitude for the support from One Light Global’s community is oozing from my heart, as the generous acts of kindness for the refugees continue to restore my faith in humanity. We are blessed with amazing supporters, and I look forward to our future projects together. I am confident that together we are making a difference, one life at at a time.