Farhad by Sam Hamoui

By some stroke of luck, the universe decided I would cross paths today with this 10 year old Afghani boy by the name of Farhad. He reminds me of myself at his age, but is more of a man than I could ever hope to be. He is incredibly smart, taught himself English and can speak it so well. He is an unbelievably good artist, he can draw unlike any other 10 year old can. He walked out of Afghanistan, into Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria then into Serbia. He wants to go to Switzerland and become an artist. He was laughing and said one day he will be famous. I have no doubt he probably will. So dear world, please meet Farhad, and make note of this inspiring young boy. I'm sure you'll hear about him again someday as a famous artist. May he transcend the borders we've placed around our hearts and our countries so he may reach the potential that he so badly deserves and is capable of." #onelove#oneworld#onelightglobal#belgrade#serbia#refugeechild#amazingkid