Yesterday we delivered 72 solar lights to the barracks, where they have no electricity. LuminAID donated these lights to SCM Medical Missions who gave them to Sam to bring to Serbia where he's working with One Light Global. LuminAid plans to send 500 more! As we wandered from room to room, if you can call them that, handing out one light per room, it was heart wrenching to see where refugees, these human family of ours are living. They have no electricity, very little (and very cold) running water, no showers, no toilets for months -- relieving themselves outside in subzero weather -- until a wonderful volunteer organization SoulWelders installed port-a-potties YESTERDAY. They also provide wood for fires so that the refugees don't have to inhale toxic fumes from burning garbage to stay warm.

These lights are solar charged and last about 6-10 hours. They also have an SOS setting.

It never ceases to amaze me how many ingenious creations people come up with to help in these situations, and how many generous companies are willing to share their products with those in need. It is so inspiring to literally share LIGHT in all this darkness.