One Light Women's Center Update - ISTANBUL

Update on the One Light Global / Awakening Women Institute Women's Center for refugees in Istanbul Turkey!

The women are learning how to sew - training in clothes making and embroidery. They are making school uniforms for the children. This has enabled them to get jobs in local factories.

They are also learning Turkish and English.

Check out the clothes they are making!  Thank you to all the donors who made this possible. You have changed lives - enabling these women to get work and support their families so their children can go to school and they can build new lives in a new land.

My heart is filled with gratitude and joy. We work so hard to try to make a difference, to deal with languages, laws, governments, ptsd, hoops, hurdles, the enormity of this crisis - and to see pictures like this makes it all worth it .

 May all beings have safety, peace, health and happiness.  May women continue to empower each other in the spirit of global sisterhood.

We are all One Light.

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THANK YOU to all who donated to the women's center!