Update on Rose's Community!

Kasava harvested for Rose's community.

Kasava harvested for Rose's community.


Thank you for your generous support of Rose and her community! We are pleased to bring you our second quarterly report detailing our progress with this exciting project.

Over the last few months, our team has continued the necessary groundwork to ensure that Rose's project is successful. We are nearly complete with registering One Light Global as an NGO in Uganda (a lengthy but important process to ensure governmental support of the project). We have continued to collaborate with Rose and her collective to get clarity on the land that is available for the vocational training center, as well as the appropriate tools and machinery needed for the embroidery collective. 

We’ve also continued to receive updates from Rose about her community that we’d like to pass on to you. The seeds we purchased for the collective last year during our visit to Bidi Bidi have sprouted and produced an abundance of food for the community. We've included a picture of just a small portion of the amazing amount of cassava harvested recently. 

In the same way that Rose's community so skillfully harvested these seeds, we are looking forward to the fruits of your generosity becoming visible. Our next trip to Uganda is currently scheduled for June -- at which time we plan to break ground on the vocational training center, fill it with embroidery machines and materials, and empower Rose’s community to create a sustainable income for their families.

 Thank you again for your support!