Report cards are in!


This is the Gambella Future Hope Nursery and Primary School in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Southwest Uganda. You helped fund these walls, foundation, roof, chalkboards, and benches to jump-start an education for these children. A team of volunteer teachers and administrators, refugees themselves, have created and sustained a curriculum "open to all nationalities and serving now some from Burundi, some from Rwanda, and others from Congo." (from headmaster Omod). We would like to give a special thank you to Nicole Drew, Katherine Olah and the Refugee Aid Club they co-founded at Santa Fe Christian School in San Diego, CA for raising funds for this latest round of school supplies for Gambella Future Hope! 

To Omod, Okoony, and all of the selfless teaching and administration staff at Gambella Future Hope; to Nicole, Katherine, and the Refugee Aid Club at Santa Fe Christian; to our donors who truly believe in One World, and to the Gambella Future Hope Students whose energy and light shines so bright:

Image descriptions: The supplies are in! Thank you Nicole and Katherine! ~ The students waiting to check out their report cards ~ teachers hard at work ~ Report cards handed out to all levels
📸 Image credit: Deputy head teacher 📸

With so much gratitude,

~The One Light Global Family

OLG Editor