It's World Refugee Day. Let's Celebrate...


Please join us in celebrating World Refugee Day by reflecting on the progress made so far with our refugee partners in Uganda and continuing to help make their dreams a reality.


We believe in Oneness. We believe that suffering, war, and violence in one part of the world affects us all. Just so, hope, solidarity, joy, progress, and creativity ripple out, and we are here to receive it and help foster it through solidarity and co-creation. That's why we were so drawn to Rose and her project in Bidi Bidi refugee camp in Uganda. Her light is evident from the photo above, and her resilience is infectious. Rose and her women's collective inspire us. And we have some exciting news to share!
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Construction will start soon on the vocational training center and educational center, including childcare, for Rose's women's community in Bidi Bidi Zone 5! These centers will become hubs of community and economic stability, while preserving a cultural art in the form of ornate embroidered tapestries and bedsheets -- milayas.

This has been a long journey of gaining government collaboration and permission, including our now NGO status in Uganda! We couldn't be more thrilled to share the news of these upcoming builds with you!

Click below to learn more and continue to help give hope to even more women in Bidi Bidi.


Today, World Refugee Day, marks the the last day to donate to our Messages of Light fundraiser to help our friends DY, Ogha, and Simon create permanent hand-made signs of inspiration and hope in their community in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in southwest Uganda. We are so close to making our goal of $2500 which will send these young men to school and vocational training, opportunities that had been stolen from them as they fled from a virtual genocide of their village in Gambela, Ethiopia as young boys. Please check out the link below to view all of the inspiring signs the guys are posting throughout their community in Nakivale! We could use a final push in getting them to their goal!


Your contributions
literally lay foundations, build walls, provide equipment, and help empower those yearning to unleash their creativity and productivity to enhance their lives and the community around them in sustainable ways. To continue tracking how your love has helped refugees in Uganda, light up your social media and stay tuned!

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