ACCOMPLISHMENTS - ONE LIGHT GLOBAL IN SERBIA FEB 2017 I am so incredibly proud of what One Light Global has accomplished here in Serbia.

- We funded 40,000 hot meals for refugees through Hot Food Idomeni.

- We personally went with them to find and purchase the over 3 tons of groceries and load them onto the trucks with One Light man (and woman) power.

- We also provided them with much needed kitchen supplies (pots, knives, burners, spoons, serving containers, fire extinguishers) so that they can continue their work and meet increased demand.

- Washed, Scrubbed, Chopped, Sliced, Diced, Peeled, Cut, Cooked and generally got down and dirty (and re-sanitized) with Hot Food nearly every day.

- Served meals to refugees (mainly unaccompanied minors) at the Barracks and Obrenovac Camp nearly every day.

- Provided 60 soccer balls for the boys at Obrenovac Camp so they would have some healthy entertainment to combat boredom and stay fit.

- Provided supplies for bucket showers to be built at the barracks where the refugees hadn’t had any since they started living there many months ago.

- Distributed 72 solar lights at the Barracks so that the people sleeping there can have light despite the lack of electricity.

- Took 56 kids out of Camp Krnjca on a field trip to Avala Tower and Monument. They had not seen a playground in over one year! We co-facilitated the trip, paid for the bus and driver and also provided them with water and lunches for the trip.

- Taught English and Afghan History Classes at Refugee Aid Serbia and Refugees Foundation Serbia Serbia most days.

- Facilitated a letter writing exchange between 2 schools in Arizona (Running River School &Mingus Union High School) and 2 classes of refugee children in Belgrade. Delivered the letters from the USA to the classes here, and helped them write letters back as an English class. I can hardly wait to deliver the new letters! Raising cross-cultural peace and understanding through personal connection.

- Purchased 6 computers for these classrooms so that kids can use how to learn them and have a brighter future, take advantage of online learning programs as well as communicate with family members in other countries.

- Purchased School Supplies (paper, pens, markers, etc.) for Refugees Foundation Serbia

- Supported incredibly talented young artists like Farhad.

- Created meaningful new partnerships with other inspiring small NGOs

- Raised awareness of refugee living conditions in Serbia and their journey stories.

- Made countless incredible and inspiring new friends.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not bad for 10 days! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am so proud of my amazing team, who hardly slept and worked selflessly with me to help make all of this happen. Without complaint they run around all day and night, lift boxes, chop veggies, buy supplies, teach classes, edit photos, go to meetings, purchase, deliver, translate, take care of emergencies, and all with a smile and sharing so much laughter and sometimes tears. They truly put serving others above all else - ready to do what is most needed and asked of them in each moment. Each of them has such a beautiful heart, I trust them implicitly to treat everyone we meet, serve and work with with empathy, compassion and unity. To see the One Light in all people.

Sam, Stephany, Ben, Megan - you are family! <3 I love and admire you with all my heart. I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for being YOU and being a part of the One Light Global family. Thank you for being MY family.

And of course - thank you to each and every donor who contributed to this trip. YOU are what make this possible with every hard earned dollar you share. Your generosity and love is the foundation of everything.

Toward the Light!



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