THIS IS WHAT HEROES LOOK LIKE I am so proud of my amazing team, who hardly slept and worked selflessly with me to help make all of this happen. Without complaint they run around all day and night, lift boxes, chop veggies, buy supplies, teach classes, edit photos, pick up trash, go to meetings, purchase, deliver, do midnight grocery runs, translate, take care of emergencies, and all with a smile and sharing so much laughter and sometimes tears.

They truly put serving others above all else - ready to do what is most needed and asked of them in each moment. Each of them has such a beautiful heart, I trust them implicitly to treat everyone we meet, serve and work with with empathy, compassion and unity. To see the One Light in all people.

Sam, Stephany, Ben, Megan - you are family!  I love and admire you with all my heart. I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for being YOU and being a part of the One Light Global family. Thank you for being MY family.

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Love you beyond words.

"They say between our hearts there's a shutter we can open, but what is there to open if no walls remain?" ~ Rumi


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