Educational Sponsorships raised for 61 Children!

We are so excited to announce that in partnership with Caravana Solidaria of Spain we have coordinated their sponsoring 61 more refugee children to attend school at Al Nokhba in Istanbul, Turkey! Thank you so much to the heroes Gab Hureau Cristina Ankli Natalia R Alvarez Rosalinda Sarhan and Khaled Abozed for working tirelessly to raise 14400 euro to sponsor these children who need it so badly. Thank you to all of your generous and compassionate donors who have made it possible for these children to have an education!!

You are changing not only their lives, but the future. We pray that one day these children can not only have successful lives, and contribute to their host countries, but also rebuild their home countries.

Muchas Gracias!! Together toward a united world - <3

If you would like to sponsor a child's tuition for a year, it is $250 USD and you can contribute here: You will receive a photo and the child's story and infinite good feelings for shaping a life. <3

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