Team Light Headed to Serbia!

Our volunteer team is headed to Serbia February 16th to provide humanitarian aid to refugees living in unlivable conditions.

We chose Serbia because over 60% of refugees there are unaccompanied minors (!) and there are very few organizations working there.  The winters have been some of the coldest on record.

Thousands of young refugees are living in camps and also in abandoned warehouses, train stations and parks. They are in subzero temperatures and in dire need of food, clothing, feminine, hygiene, and baby supplies, tents, sleeping bags and educational supplies.

We will be hand-delivering these much needed items, as well as partnering with a couple local organizations to teach classes and give workshops to women and children.

Every dollar makes a difference! You can help! CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW!

We also so appreciate you sharing this on social media and getting your friends involved. We especially need to hold the light of compassion together during these challenging times.

As always we will be sending photos and updates from the ground so you can see exactly how your donations are put to use!

Thank you so much!! The One Light Team Articles on Serbia: